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Treaty Resource Kits - We Are All Treaty People: Elementary Treaty Resource Kit


Resources included in this Elementary Treaty Resource Kit are listed below. Resources available for purchase from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner are on the left column under Treaty Resources - Also Available for Purchase from OTC.

The Resources Available Online column on the left bottom and below (in the center column) have links to the electronic versions that are freely available from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner, the Government of Canada or the USask Library (some are only available to the University of Saskatchewan faculty, students, alumni and staff and require you to log in to access).

Videos are on the right side of this page.

Allen Sapp's Art: Through the Eyes of the Cree and Beyond (DVD and Resource Guide)

Treaty Kits at the Library

Treaty Video Library I

A series of 6 videos on Treaties from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner. #13 on the list of Resources.

#1 A Solemn Undertaking: The Five Treaties of Saskatchewan 13:17

#2 As long as the sun shines... 9:56

#3 Treaties as a Bridge to the Future 11:59

#4. We Are All Part of Treaty... 6:34

#5 Building Harmony... 11:59

#6 A Wîsahkêcâhk Story 11:14