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Treaty Resource Kits - We Are All Treaty People: Secondary Treaty Resource Kit


Resources included in this page are Elementary Treaty Resource Kits. To see the order in which these resources are available, go to the Office of the Treaty Commissioner. The left column has links to the print Treaty Resources. The center column has links to electronic Treaty Resources. The right column has links to videos.

Teaching Treaties in the Classroom Resource Guide for Grades 7-12

Request a Teacher login account on the Resources page of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner's website to download these publications.

  • Grade 7: First Nations of the Land Now Known as Saskatchewan
  • Grade 8: Building a Foundation for Treaty Relations
  • Grade 9: Establishing the Treaty Process
  • Grade 10 Treaties Negotiated in What is Now Known as Saskatchewan
  • Grade 11: The Impact of Colonialism on the Treaty Relationship
  • Grade 12: The Treaty Relationship Today

Allen Sapp's Art: Through the Eyes of the Cree and Beyond (DVD and Resource Guide)

Treaty Kits at the Library

#2 Socio-Economic Impact of Treaties. 17:44

#3 The Role of the Elders. 14:48

#4 The Mace Runner Ceremony. 14:03