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Environment and Sustainability: Using Library Resources


This guide focuses on looking carefully at a research question or topic, creating a search strategy, and searching for scholarly articles in library databases. Here, you will find resources to help you search for and find scientific literature. As your librarian, I am available if you have any questions or if you need any help finding appropriate sources for your work.

On the main menu, the first three pages are mini-tutorials on various aspects of searching. Each tutorial has a quiz so you can test your learning. There are no marks involved and no one else will see your answers. The quizzes are for you to gauge your own understanding. Following the tutorials on the main menu are pages for suggested databases, how to find articles and other resources, and other support.


Virginia Wilson 2020

Extra Info

  • The Library's online resources are available 24/7, but to access most of them, you'll need to make sure you're logged in to the library's website first using your NSID and password. We have many tools available to make this as easy as possible! View our Connect from Home page for more details.
  • Information about our InterLibrary Loan service.