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Anthropology and Archaeology: Find Books & Theses

Access the Library Catalogue

Search the University of Saskatchewan Library Catalogue to find print and online books.  

The Library Catalogue does not include individual journal articles, but contains records for print and electronic journal titles. Individual journal articles can be located through one of our many print indexes or electronic databases.

Books on Reserve

Did your professor tell you that there's a book On Reserve for your class?

Search for Books on Reserve for your Class

In the Murray Library, you have to go into the Reserve area behind the Check-out Desk on the ground floor (through the security gates) and find your own reserve items. There is a separate check-out area there just for reserve items.

In most other library branches, reserve items are kept in the staff area behind the desk. You will have to give the item's call number to the library staff member on duty, and they will retrieve it for you.


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