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USask Library in Canvas and Blackboard

This guide is to help navigate and utilize all the library resources available to faculty and instructors in Canvas.

Adding the Library to Your Course

Before the Library may begin adding requested items to an online course, the course instructor must add the Library to their course. Once an instructor has submitted a course reserve request, the Library will respond by email with a request to be added to your course. This email will include the necessary information to add the Library to your course, such as the NSID. The email will also include the instructions below, but without images.

  1. In the course navigation select the People link. Click on the green +People button. 
  2. Select Login ID and type the NSID sent to you by the Library into the field.
  3. Select the "Designer" role role and click Next.                                             
  4. Verify [Firstname Lastname] and click Add User.                                                                               


  1. In your course, click on the Control Panel in the Course Management navigation.
  2. Click on Users and Groups, and select Manage Users. Click on Add.
  3. Scroll to the Select Users section and enter the Library NISD (sent via email) into the *Username(s) field (look for red asterix).
  4. Select Course Builder for the *Course Role option. Ignore any error icons that may show up.
  5. Select Submit. You should get a green bar stating "1 person was successfully enrolled."
  6. Reply to the Library using the email in which we sent you the NSID, stating that you have added the Library to your course. Now we can start adding your course reserve request items to your course.

Removing the Library from Your Course

It is best practice to remove the Library from being able to access your course once our course reserve work is done. This is a very simple process in both Canvas and Blackboard. When the Library is finished adding all your course reserves items to your course, we will notify you by email. Our email will provide instructions on how to remove us from accessing your course, but the instructions do not include images. The instructions below provide step-by-step instructions, including images:

  1. In Course Navigation, click the People link.
  2. Filter the list of people by selecting "Designer" from the dropdown.
  3. Find the Library employee in the list of designers, and click on the Options icon (three dots).
  4. Choose "Remove from Course" from the dropdown options.