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Open Access guide: For Library Employees

This guide will help USask researchers and students understand what open access (OA) is and how to make their own works OA.

About this Page

This page contains training and educational materials on open access topics for library employees.

These are materials developed by the "Strategic Action Item 2.2 Team" to build the expertise of USask library employees in this area. We welcome their reuse by others outside of our library as well!

About Strategy 2.2

Our mandate:

“Position the library as the definitive source of expertise and advocacy for open access on campus”

We plan to achieve this by:
  • engaging library employees in various educational events on OA topics
  • providing library employees with resources to support them in helping the campus community become more aware of OA and transition to an OA publishing environment
Current Team Members: Catherine Boden, Candice Dahl, DeDe Dawson (lead), Kate Langrell, Virginia Wilson, and Greg Wurzer
(past member: Carolyn Pytlyk)

Resources for Library Employees

Resources for Library Employees

Many of the materials listed below were developed by the Strategy 2.2 Team for the OA Roadshow series of training events held in late 2017. 

Who to refer questions to...

If a patron asks you a question about open access, or scholarly communication in general, that you cannot answer then please refer them to the liaison librarian responsible for that area. Liaison librarians can then consult with DeDe Dawson if needed.

Routes to OA: Green vs Gold

Gold OA is publishing in an OA journal (or hybrid journal) and the article is immediately available OA. Sometimes there can be an article processing charge (APC) for this.

Green OA is publishing in a conventional journal and then self-archiving a copy in an open online repository. Often there can be an embargo on the article, so it is not immediately available OA.