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Stage 2: Developing the Search: Home

Developing the Search

Once you have established the type of review that you will be undertaking, created a focused research question, and have written a review protocol, your next step is to plan how you will conduct the search.

For this stage, you will:

Throughout this process, your goal is to create two products:

After completing your search plan and search strategies, you are ready to run your search!

The following illustrates the steps involved toward developing your search plan as outlined in this guide. In addition, this diagram highlights the various outputs completed at each step which will contribute to your search plan and search strategies. After, navigate to the top-left of this page and access the corresponding tab for information and resources on how to facilitate this step.

If you are new to conducting a synthesis review, the following is a diagram to help visualize the "what", "where", and "how" of the search process:

Extra attention to your search plan will save you time when writing your review, as it will serve as your methods section.