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How to find journal articles, both print and electronic, through the University of Saskatchewan Library website.

Already Know Which Database You Want?


Finding journal or newspaper articles involves a few more steps than finding books, but is a requirement for university research, and is always worth the effort.


The first thing to know is that you cannot find individual articles listed in the library catalogue. You must use a different tool (often called a journal article database) to do this. Using an article database allows you to search hundreds of different journals at once!  The library subscribes to many different article databases, some of which are devoted to a single subject (such as Sociological Abstracts or Engineering Village) and others which cover a range of subjects (such as Academic Search Complete).


All databases will provide citation information (ex: name of the article, article author(s), journal name, page numbers, etc.). Some databases will provide abstracts (article summaries) which are very useful in determining the value of the article. Many databases will include the full-text of the article. You can read the articles online, print them, save them, or e-mail them to yourself.

Where to Start?

Journal Article Databases

Searching within a specific database will limit your results by focussing on a single subject area. 


You can use USearch to find articles from many of our databases all at once. You are almost guaranteed to find something. However, depending on your needs, the number of results you get may be overwhelming or off-topic. 

To learn the basics of using USearch, watch this short video:

Why Can't I Just Google?

What's a Library Database?