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First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Support Guide for Research Coaches

Giving Feedback

Remember some "growth point moments" when giving feedback to students:

  • share your own experiences and challenges
  • focus on the process / skills versus the individual
  • remember the feedback sandwich: good / needs work / good
  • providing direction and guidance versus doing the work

Developing feedback templates for various common errors or levels of performance may be a time saver for you.

The site "Giving Student Feedback: 20 Tips To Do It Right" has practical tips for providing feedback to students, stating that "ultimate goal of feedback is to provide students with an “I can do this” attitude" (source).

Here is a 'how-to' video on using SpeedGrader if you are providing feedback to the students via SpeedGrader in Canvas (the video starts at 1:42 - watch till about 6:00) 

Key message: Research Coaches are here to help the students find the answers they need, not to find the answers for them.