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First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Support Guide for Research Coaches


Student Learning Services offers various workshops throughout the term that are geared to support students through the research process.

Topics include:

  • Research:
    • Refining a research topic and developing a research question
    • Finding and evaluating sources for your essay or research project
    • Sharing your academic work through posters, presentations, and publishing
  • Writing:
    • Introduction to writing thesis statements
    • Using evidence in your paper: quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing
    • Editing and proofreading tips and tricks
  • Citation Styles:
    • Introductions to MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles
  • Study and Exam Skills:
    • Managing your time and tasks
    • Combating procrastination
    • Reading and note taking in university
    • Exam writing tips and strategies

Please encourage your FYRE students to attend these workshops!