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Business: Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Articles


Current newspapers worldwide!

"App will only work on site (connected to the Library IP) but with Radiant Access it will give you 2 days of use off-site.

Just launch the app, connect to the University/Library WiFi and you should see a green teacup on the top left of the screen and a welcome message indicating you have successfully connected to the PressReader HotSpot.

Your device will also authenticate through “Radiant Access” up to 2 days off-site without the need to use a username/password. You will only need to physically connect your device with the University's IP range and then you are good for another 2 days off-site access to PressReader HotSpot.

Set-up Instructions for Accessing PressReader via Library Wi-Fi

1. Connect your smartphone or tablet to authenticated Wi-Fi 
2. Download PressReader from app store or go to 
3. Launch PressReader, pick your title and enjoy reading

User Guides (new)

New Authentication Method Off Site Access- RADIANT ACCESS

Enables mobile devices and personal accounts to be used off-site up to 2 days. Simply connect mobile device to Library WiFi and the device is authenticted for off-site use. The timer on the welcome message will indicate time left before having to re-authenticate with the Library WiFi. From there create a personal account in the top right section of your screen."  Source: PressDisplay.