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Public Health: Evidence Based Public Health

6S Model

At present, there are no "systems" available for Public Health.

You can find summaries of well-conducted studies in the following journals:




Key to the 6S Model


Integrating information from the lower levels of the hiearchy with individual patient records, systems represent the ideal source of evidence for clinical decision-making.  There are currently no systems available for the discipline of public health.


Summaries are regularly updated clinical guidelines or textbooks that integrate evidence-based information about sspecific clinical problems.

Synopsis of Syntheses

Synopses of syntheses, summarize the information found in systematic reviews.  By drawing conclusions from evidence at lower levels of the pyramid, these synopses often provide sufficient information to support clinical action.


Commonly referred to as a systematic review, a synthesis is a comprehensive summary of all the evidence surrounding a specific research question. 

Synopsis of Single Studies

Synopses of single studies summarize evidence from high-quality studies. 

Single Studies

Studies represent unique research conducted to answer specific clincial questions.

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