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Public Administration and Public Policy: Legislation & Court Decisions

Citations to Legislation

Given that there are sometimes pieces of legislation with very similar titles across Canada, here are some tips to determine which jurisdiction the legislation applies to:

S.C. = Statutes of Canada (annual volumes)

R.S.C. or R.S. = Revised Statutes of Canada (most recent is R.S.C. 1985)

S.S = Statutes of Saskatchewan (annual volumes)

R.S.S. = Revised Statutes of Saskatchewan (most recent is R.S.S. 1978)

Both the annual statutes and the revised statues are official legislation passed by the legislature.  Consolidated statutes are generally unofficial compilations of the law as it exists at the time of the consolidation, so make sure to check the date of the consolidation as subsequent amendments may exist.

Parliament, Provincial and Territorial Legislatures

All legislative assemblies in Canada have been very active in making as much information as possible about their work freely available.


The best place to start to look for information on current and older (back to about the mid-1990s currently) federal legislation is LEGISinfo.

Laws and Court Decisions

Although it is generally possible to find the official site on the web that offers access to, for example, the laws and regulations of Canada or Saskatchewan or a place where decisions from a particular court are posted, there are 2 services that bring most of these sources together.