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Dentistry: Find Podcasts and Blogs


Here are a few sources of podcasts freely available through ITunes:


American Dental Association Podcast Network

Hosted by Dave Goldberg, each show features a panel of experts and is intended to enlighten and inform patients.

What's Happening in Canadian Dentistry...

Short but relevant current topics in Canadian dentistry produced by the Canadian Dental Association.

General Dentistry Blogs

Best Dental Blogs 2019

Links to a number of blogs, including the blog of the American Student Dental Association.

The Dental Elf is a daily blog maintained by the editor of Evidence Based Dentistry. It provides brief summaries highlighting evidence-based publications relevant to dental practice.

TOP: The Orthodontic Professors "is a curated site dedicated to providing  evidence-based professional opinion from experts in the field...(the) mission is to promote the use of best evidence in clinical orthodontics and orthodontic education."



a Canadian dentist's blog...

Tooth Booth Dental blog

Though this blog is no longer updated, it does link to several other, interesting blogs.