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Saskatchewan Historical Textbooks and Curricula at U Sask: Historical Textbook Collection

Historical Textbook Collection

The Historical Textbook Collection consists of materials authorized by the Department of Education for use in Saskatchewan elementary and secondary schools from 1884-1992. This Collection includes textbooks, teachers' editions, curriculum guides, programmes of study, recommended children's literature, and selected audiovisual materials. The Collection also includes school materials that have archival value.

The core of the Historical Text Collection was gathered by Professor Keith Sutherland during the time he taught in the College of Education (1954 to 1977) and was donated to the University of Saskatchewan Libraries.  Moved into a secure area of the Education & Music Library in 1988, this collection includes books from the mid 1800’s up to the 1950’s.  Many of these books were used in the first schools of Saskatchewan, while others not authorized for use in the schools have been maintained for their archival value.

Note: The 1992 cutoff date coincides with the last actual  circular published. However, in the interest of research, as curriculum guides are replaced the outdated guides are transferred to the Historical Text Collection. 

Guides are shelved in date order followed by type of resource. Refer to printed list of available resources in the tray on the shelving unit.

Browse the Catalogue

View Historical Textbook Collection records in the University of Saskatchewan Library Catalogue.

More than 8,000 titles have been fully catalogued and appear on the Libraries’ USearch system under the series title “Historical Textbook Collection”.


arrow pointing leftThe Historical Textbook Collection is located on the west side of the Education & Music Library.

This is a research collection and may be used within the library only. Many materials in this collection are fragile; we do ask that you handle the resources carefully.