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Legislation Research Guide: Where do I find Bills

Federal Bills

  • LEGISinfo (present & past sessions of Parliament) 
  • Progress of bills
  • Text of the bill at various stages
  • Legislative summaries from the Parliamentary Research Branch
  • A good source for background information & origins of a Bill (Legislative Summary)
  • Bill No. provided & Chapter No./citation when bill becomes law

Provincial Bills

  • Provincial/territorial government websites
  • Saskatchewan Bills
  • Law Society of Saskatchewan Bill Tracker  
    • No. / Title Chapter No.
    • Sections Amended
    • Reading
    • Royal Assent
    • In Effect
    • Retro CIF
  • Current Bills (Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan website)  
  • Progress of Bills (Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan website)  
  • Alphabetical List of Bills - Title of Act/Bill No. (Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan website)