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Synthesis Review Toolkit Introduction: All Resources

All Additional Resources

Resources from Stage 1: Getting Started

Step 1: How to Formulate a Research Question

Step 2: What Type of Review to Conduct

Step 3: Where Can I Find Reviews

Scoping Reviews
Realist Reviews

Step 4: Who to Include on the Research Team

Step 5: How to Write/Register a Review Protocol

Resources from Stage 2: Developing the Search

Step 1: What to Search

Organizing Terminology
Search Filters
  • Tutorial from Yale on Filters and Hedges
  • Choosing and using methodological search filters: searchers' views: Beale, S., Duffy, S., Glanville, J., Lefebvre, C., Wright, D., McCool, R., ... & Smith, L. (2014). Health Information & Libraries Journal, 31(2), 133-147.
  • Reporting methodological search filter performance comparisons: a literature review: Harbour, J., Fraser, C., Lefebvre, C., Glanville, J., Beale, S., Boachie, C., ... & Smith, L. (2014). Health Information & Libraries Journal, 31(3), 176-194.
  • Retrieving randomized controlled trials from medline: a comparison of 38 published search filters. McKibbon, K. A., Wilczynski, N. L., & Haynes, R. B. (2009). Health Information & Libraries Journal, 26(3), 187-202.

Step 2: Where to Search

Grey Literature
Hand Searching
Searching Trial Registries
Contacting Authors

Step 3: How to Create a Search Strategy

Tools for Finding Syntax and Subject Headings for Common Databases
Validating the Search

Action: Run your Search

Training for Citation Management Tools

Resources from Stage 5: Evaluating Data

Step 1: How to Identify Appraisal Criteria

Step 2: How to Assess Quality of Included Studies

Step 3: Assessing the Confidence in Cumulative Evidence

All Resources from Stage 7: Writing & Publishing your Review

Step 1: How to Write your Review

Reporting standards:

Step 2: How to Publish your Review

Open Access Repositories by Discipline

Step 3: Where to Promote your Research

From the Wiley Network Blog: