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GIS: Canada

Open Government Data

DMTI Spatial

Data from DMTI Spatial is available to the USask community. Available products:

  • CanMap Content Suite
    • Detailed street maps, census data, boundaries, postal geography, topographic maps, geographic features, and points of interest
  • Location Hub
    • Address recognition and (reverse) geocoding, proximity, route logistics

Access note: to access DMTI data and tools, contact the GIS Librarian

Postal Code Data

Postal code data products allow researchers to link 6-digit postal codes used by Canada Post to Census geographies used by Statistics Canada and other geographic areas such as health regions. 

  • Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) from Statistics Canada
    • Links 6-digit postal codes to census geographic areas (census divisions, census tracts, etc.)
  • Postal Code Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) from Statistics Canada
    • Links 6-digit postal codes to census geographic areas, health region boundaries, and other identifiers
  • Postal Codes by Federal Ridings File (PCFRF) from Statistics Canada
    • Links 6-digit postal codes to federal electoral districts
  • CanMap Postal Code Suite from DMTI Spatial
    • Six-Digit Postal Code File
    • Enhanced Postal Code File
    • Forward Sortation Area (FSA) Boundary File

Access note: To access postal code data, contact the GIS Librarian  

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