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Electrical and Computer Engineering: Journals & Databases

Finding a journal article

In peer-reviewed journals, the articles are reviewed by other experts in the same field of study before they are published. The published collections of journal articles are stored together in subject databases.

Finding journal articles
1. To locate journal articles you need to search in a subject database for the journal literature in your field (choose from lists to the right.)
2. Once in the database, enter the key concepts that you are looking for, and combine terms you would like to find in the same article.

The USask Library subscribes to hundreds of different databases, click here for a complete alphabetical list.  If we don't have access to an article that you find, you can still request it for free through our InterLibrary Loan service at no cost to you!

Need help?
Most databases have their own search help page and user guides.
For assistance with searching, please contact the library at


Articles & Databases

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Access from off-campus

By accessing library resources through the Catalogue or Library website, you will be routed through the proxy and will be prompted to authenticate.

How to authenticate yourself
The Library authentication system requires you to enter your university Network Service ID and password in order to identify you as an authorized user.

The authentication will ask for:

Username: (University NSID - same as PAWS)
Password: (NSID password - same as PAWS)

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