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French Film Reviews and Criticism

The Difference between a review and criticism

The words "reviews: and "criticism" are often used interchangeably, but they are significant differences between them.

Film reviews are written for the general public and appear in newspapers, magazines or online around the time the film is released in theatres. Their purpose is to describe the plot, characters, director, etc in order to help determine whether or not a film should be seen.

Film criticism is the academic study, interpretation and evaluation of a film with regard to issues such as historical context, theory or technical analysis. Film criticism is published in books or scholarly journals. It may sometimes address a specific aspect of a film or focus on the work of a particular director or genre. Critical reviews may be published many years after a film is released.

Research ProTips!

  • Finding film criticism may require that you add the following to your search: (criticism OR critique OR review OR analysis OR interpretation); e.g. Amélie AND (criticism OR critique OR review OR analysis OR interpretation)
  • Use quotation marks around the title of the film; e.g., "Trois couleurs: bleu"
  • For foreign films, search for both the English and original language title; e.g., Le Mépris OR Contempt
  • Multiple films may have the same title; e.g., Ben-Hur (1925) and Ben-Hur (1959). Use the date and/or the director's name to narrow your search.


Le cinéma Gaumont Palace - Paris - 1912

Source: Le cinéma Gaumont Palace - Paris - 1912 by Maurice Terrien