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Are You Information Savvy?: Home


The purpose of this site is to help build your awareness and skills in specific facets of digital information literacy.  

Digital information literacy is a set of critical thinking and technological skills to help you navigate the complex digital world of information.

Select the facets on the left side to navigate to pages that provide tools and resources to help build your information savvy skills! 

6 Components of Digital Information Literacy

Searcher: strategically search for information

Consumer: evaluate information for accuracy, bias, credibility and other factors

Curator: collect, organize and manage information

Collaborator: work with others to evaluate, manage, create, and build upon information

Creator: create new or build upon existing information

Communicator: share information that you have collected, evaluated, and/or created

What is your digital footprint? Your footprint is the permanent digital trail of data you and others create based on your online presence and activity, including social media posts, internet searches, tweets, blog postings emails, online shopping, etc.

    Look for the footprint throughout this guide. These tips will help you manage your digital identity and use it to your advantage.