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Are You Information Savvy?: Searcher

Savvy Searcher: Can you strategically search for information?

Why does this matter? 
Learning the skills to effectively search will enable you to find what you need for specific purposes in a timely manner.

You have been given an assignment to write an annotated bibliography for your History course. What tools and websites might you use to get to find relevant and appropriate sources?

Tools for Searching

Name of Tool Description Use For Searchers
Google Scholar*

Google's search engine for finding scholarly works

Configure your Google Scholar settings to access UofS resources

Use for searching the web for scholarly works across many academic disciplines. Also useful when searching for a specific citation/reference.

Google Incognito

Duck Duck Go

Private web browsers that do not track users

Use for searching the web privately
USearch* Single search engine searching the University Library for books, journal articles, and other scholarly works Use for finding books, articles, and other sources using one search. Also useful when starting your research to see what is available on the topic and/or ideas for topic refinement

*Tools officially supported at the University of Saskatchewan.

The library has many different tools you can use to find the information you are looking for. Unfortunately, there is no single search box that will connect you to everything the library has to offer, but this guide provides some tips to help you decide where to start and to understand what each of these tools do best.

Resources for Searching

Do you need help finding journal articles, course reserves, book reviews, and more? "Help me find ...." is here to help.  Here you will find instructions on finding books, journal articles, theses and dissertations, course reserves, maps, newspapers, book reviews, microforms, government information, data and statistics, patents, conference proceedings, GIS, archives and special collections help.


If you need more help with knowing where and how to search, consult the library's many research guides. The University Library's Research Guides are great starting points for recommended resources for your next research project. 


Let's be honest, searching can be a bit of a time-consuming process.  This video, Searching is Strategic, helps you search more efficiently and productively:


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