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Are You Information Savvy?: Self-Assessment

So How Information Savvy Are You?

Reflect on your responses to the case studies below; consider your strengths and perhaps where you might need to build your skills.

  1. You need to find five peer-reviewed journal articles for your Geography paper.  You could start your search with USearch, a library journal article database, such as the Web of Science, or Google Scholar (or perhaps all the above).  What search tools should you use? 
  2. You are collecting a lot of references for your English Honours essay. What tools are you using to collect and organize your sources? 
  3. A friend shared a link on Facebook about an event that seemed a bit fishy.  What fact checking tools can you use to verify this post?
  4. You are struggling with developing your thesis statement for your Comparative Public Policy paper.  What supports are available to help you with this? 
  5.  As part of your Agriculture assignment, you and your classmates are to form a team and present your research findings.  What are some best practices your group can establish when forming your team?
  6. You wrote a rockstar original research paper for your First Nations Governance course. What venues can you use to share your paper more widely?  How will you license this work?
  7. You are attending an academic conference out of the country and are searching the web for a good deal on air travel.  Why might you use Google’s Incognito search browser? 
  8. Your Cultural Anthropology professor has encouraged you to create a research poster based on your recent paper for the upcoming Undergraduate Project Symposium . What supports exist for creating such a poster?
  9. How can you use Wikipedia appropriately in your academic work?