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SLS Study Skills: Exams


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Strategies for preparing and writing short-answer and multiple-choice exams, as well as tips for dealing with exam anxiety.

Online & Take-Home Exams


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Create Your Final Exam Study Schedule

Use this Final Exam Study Scheduler to create your personal study schedule when preparing to write final exams.  This Study Scheduler will help you make effective use of your time and spend adequate study time for each of your courses. 

USSU Exam File

The USSU maintains an Exam File with copies of old exams for hundreds of classes at the U Sask. Drop by the USSU Help Centre to pick up copies of old exams for your classes!  The Help Centre can be found in Room 105,  Memorial Union Building.

USSU Exam File

Preparing For and Taking Exams at University

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A tremendous guide for university students covering all aspects of preparing for and taking tests and exams at university.

Preparing For and Taking Tests and Exams at University

University of Guelph Term Marks Calculator