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Study Resources for Online Learning

Here are some resource links to help you develop strategies needed for online learning:

~ Take good care all, Gina Koehn, Learning Specialist

Online Learning: Topics
General study tips for online learning
Managing your time 
Writing take-home & online exams
Communicating with your professor
Coronavirus Anxiety

Links to other Academic Support Guides:
Writing Help
Math & Stats Help
Academic Integrity Tutorial
*Guide for Graduate Student Help 

General strategies and tips for online learning

What are keys to success in online courses? Queen’s University’s six keys to success in succeeding in online courses.  

Tips for Success in Online Courses. A second good resource by the University of Guelph with five tips for developing routine and maintaining focus in online learning.

Adjusting to an Online Learning Environment Video (8 min). If you prefer learning via video, here’s a video with nine tips for online learning by Ana Dison, Texas University.

Advice for Student Parents: Virtual Q&A with Denise Pope - Learning at Home with Your K-12 Students Video (48:37 min) (Posted: Apr 1, 2020). In this video, Dr Pope, PhD, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University, provides some down-to-earth strategies for student parents to make the most of learning at home with children, applicable to all working parents.

Strategies for creating structure and managing time.  A top challenge for independent learning required for online learning.

Preparing to work online. University of Virginia’s strategies for how to manage time and create structure for your online learning.

Six time management tips for online learning. A second well-written guide presenting time management strategies in online learning by Northeastern University.

Developing a weekly schedule and keeping on track with your learning goals, Algonquin College
   Strategies for Creating Your Weekly Schedule.

   Avoiding Procrastination. 

Take-Home & Exams

Creating an Optimal Space at Home for Online Exams. uSask Access and Equity Services provides some excellent suggestions for setting up your home space and preparing to write online exams.  

Open-Book and Take-Home Exams. University of New South Wales provides strategies and tips for writing open-book exams and common misconceptions. Open-book exams are not a breeze, however, there are strategies to help you be well-prepared!

Tips on Passing Open Book Exams by Rebecca Graf, Medium, is a second good source and quick read with useful advice on writing this type of exam.

Communicating with your Professor

Best Practices for Communicating with Your Professor. uSask, Student Learning Services Handout

Guide to Communicating with Your Professors. A second more comprehensive guide for this topic that is still easy and worthwhile to read.

Dealing with Anxiety

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Kelowna created a webpage with some videos and recommendations for managing stress and anxiety during this time.  The videos are short, informative and provide some great strategies for maintaining one's mental and emotional health.

Article for anyone dealing with coronavirus anxiety at this time: Article: We asked Experts how to deal with Your Coronavirus Anxiety, Shine.

You don’t need to figure it out on your own – Help for dealing with anxiety from the virus is a website providing responses to commonly-asked questions about managing coronavirus anxiety. In the middle of the page, section “Meditations”, you’ll find three doable mindfulness activities that can help you achieve a state of calm during stressful times. By Shine and Mental.


Study Skills Home

Study Skills Online Resources

Welcome! Here's a list of online resources that will help you develop your learning skills and study strategies. -- Study smarter, not harder!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about studying at the University of Saskatchewan.

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