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Finding Books: Introduction

Tips and tricks for locating print and electronic books in the catalogue of the University of Saskatchewan Library.

Catalogue vs. USearch

Q: What should I use to look up books in the library?

USearch or the Catalogue?

A: Both will work! However, when you use USearch, you're actually searching within the Catalogue as well as many of our journal article databases at the same time. Your results will include books, journal articles, and much more. You're more likely to get hundreds or even thousands of different results, and you might find it difficult to sift through them all to find the book you need. Therefore, when you're specifically looking just for books, it might be easier to search the Catalogue independently. 

The instructions in this guide are for a Catalogue search only. 

Note: individual journal articles are not searchable in the catalogue - you should search USearch or a journal article database for these.


Old leather books, 4

A row of books, varying colours and sizes