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GIS library services: Other Provinces

Western Canada



  • Alberta Geological Survey: This is a free site for viewing or downloading geological maps of Alberta.  Examples of maps include drift thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology, and mineral resources. 
  • AltaLIS AltaLIS is a provincial resource that provides mapping data for Alberta.  Offers some small scale topographic and boundary data free, as well as samples of other data products.
  • City of Edmonton open data: Includes neighbourhood kml files, schools etc. 
  • City of Calgary open data: includes demographic data, GIS files, city amenities and many other data sets.


British Columbia

  • City of Nanaimo Data Catalog , city data available through HTML, KML, Shapefiles and Google Maps
  • British Columbia Geological Survey Online database for geological and geoscientific information provided by the British Columbian Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources. Resources are mainly focused on providing information about existing and potential mineral resources. It hosts both GIS maps and tools, as well as written publications.The maps are free to view within a web browser after installing an Autodesk plugin.
  • Data BC : The government of BC has opened its data to the public. You can search for GIS data using keywords on this site, most are in KML and shp file format.
  • GeoBC , view and download GIS data, create mash-ups, and analyze data. 



  • Manitoba Land Initiative, must register to use. Access to geospatial information from the government of Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Geological Survey , Includes viewable and interative maps, geological databases, free downloaing of reports and maps, 3-D geological model of Manitoba and more.

Ontario & Quebec



  • Grand River Conservation Authority - Grand River Information Network: allows users to create maps, view ready made maps or download GIS data regarding the Grand River Watershed Ontario.
  • Land Information Ontario - Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario data available upon filing out and returning the license agreement to the ministry. Can sign up online to order data download.
  • Open Data Catalogue, Government of Ontario : Open data sets including Geographic files. ( roadwork, geology, etc)



Maritimes and Territories


New Brunswick

  • GeoNB:  freely available geographic information of New Brunswick.


Newfoundland and Labrador


Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Bedrock geology digital products, Available from the Department of Natural Resources are the Bedrock Geology at different scales for the province of Nova Scotia. Various formats are available for download such as ESRI shapfile, AutoCAD and PDF.
  • GeoNOVA , Province of Nova Scotia's gateway to geographic information about Nova Scotia.


Prince Edward Island

  • Prince Edward Island- GIS data files for download such as; Base maps, Property Index, Fire Coverage, Municipal Boundaries, Watershed Boundaries, and national/provincial parks. The Information is available from three different departments; Department of Finance and Municipal Affairs, Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Review. Data could be used for any number of things such as finding school districts that have good fire coverage or locating waterways.


Northwest Territories

  • NWT Meta Cumulative Effects - The Canadian Arctic Resources Committee has just taken one major step in removing the blindfold from northern development. The step is a computer-based tool that uses satellite imagery and publicly available information to map the increasing impacts of development in the Northwest Territories. 
  • Northwest Territories Geological Survey, web based GIS application for viewing, querying and downloading from the database. Includes mineral occurence, publications, exploration reports and other references to geology and mineral exploration in the NWT.

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