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GIS library services: GIS and Geology

GIS Resources for Geology

Saskatchewan Data

Saskatchewan Geological Survey - access to maps, databases (Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database, Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Index), oil and gas info map. 

    - Saskatchewan Mining and Petroleum GeoAtlas: Online mapping of Geology of Saskatchewan. Replaces the Geological Atlas of Saskatchewan and incorporates the Oil and Gas InfoMap and the Well Data maps. 

FlySask , Saskatchewan Geospatial Imagery Collaborative. Free public access to basic aerial photo and satellite imagery sets with registration required for more in depth data.

Canadian Data

Alberta Geological Survey : This is a free site for viewing or downloading geological maps of Alberta.  Examples of maps include drift thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology, and mineral resources.

British Columbia Geological Survey Online database for geological and geoscience information provided by the British Columbian Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources. Resources are mainly focused on providing information about existing and potential mineral resources. It hosts both GIS maps and tools, as well as written publications.

Manitoba Geological Survey , Includes viewable and interactive maps, geological databases, free downloading of reports and maps, 3-D geological model of Manitoba and more.

National Soil Database, The National Soil Database is available from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada website. This database provides soil, landscape, and climate data for all of Canada. Data is freely available from links that are posted on the website.

Natural Resources Canada - Mapping : Topographic maps, The Atlas of Canada, Aerial Photos, Satellite Imagery, Geological Maps, Land Surveying, Forest Maps and Mining Maps.  There is also a link to the ftp site for fast download - index includes NTS mapsheets for Google earth.

Geoscience Data Repository: NRCan data available including Aeromagnetic, Electromagnetic, Borehole, Gravity, Radioactivity data and more.

Nova Scotia Bedrock geology digital products, Available from the Department of Natural Resources are the Bedrock Geology at different scales for the province of Nova Scotia. Various formats are available for download such as ESRI shapfile, AutoCAD and PDF.

Northwest Territories Geoscience Office - GoMap, web based GIS application for viewing, querying and downloading from the database. Includes mineral occurrence, publications, exploration reports and other references to geology and mineral exploration in the NWT.

GEOSCAN news releases

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GIS and Geology

GIS can be extremely useful to Geologists as they explore areas, analyse data and create visual representations of the earth they study. Landforms, fault lines, mineral resources, glaciers, hydrology; all of these can be mapped and analysed using Geographic Information Systems. This page will outline useful resources to integrate GIS into Geology.