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Direct / Persistent Linking to Electronic Resources: Home


This guide provides information on how you can find, edit and insert permanent links from the Library's licensed electronic resources directly into your course pages, Word and PowerPoint documents, emails, etc.

Why do you need to do this?  Two reasons:

  • First: many users access library resources from off-campus. Using the steps in this guide ensure these resources are accessible, regardless of location. 
  • Secondly: to abide by copyright rules, it is recommended that you link to specific resources, such as electronic journal articles (posting copies of copyrighted materials online is not permitted).

What Can I Link To?

The Library licenses access to our electronic resources; some of the licenses allow for direct linking while others do not.

To see if direct linking is permitted, search for your journal title in the Library's Catalogue or via the E-Journal search.  Before connecting to the online version, the e-journal's usage rights information should be provided, as demonstrated in the link below.

Looking for Copyright Information?

For information about Copyright at the University of Saskatchewan, consult: