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Maps at the University Library: Find maps using the catalogue

Catalogue search

In general, the best way to find a map is through a Subject search in the library catalogue. Try searching on a geographical area, subdivided by maps.

For example, a subject search on

France - maps

will produce these subject headings:

France Maps
France Maps Bibliography

Records for maps will be found under the first of these subject headings.

Alternatively, you may try a Word search, e.g.

France and maps, or
toxicology and maps

This approach may be more suitable for searches that are thematic rather than geographical, e.g., searches for maps relating to toxicology, acid rain, or population density.

In some cases, the information you seek may be on a map within a larger series of maps, such as the 1:50,000 scale topographic maps of Canada, which includes hundreds of individual sheets. Similar series are also available for other countries, although our holdings are not so extensive as those for Canada. A word search by country, subdivided by maps and topographic will serve to locate most of them, e.g.

France maps topographic

Search the library catalogue

Enter in your terms and then hit the green button to begin searching now!

Advanced search

When using the catalogue's Advanced Search feature, you can limit your search by Material Type. You can choose GIS File or Map for online or physical resources. This will ensure that only maps appear in your results.