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Maps at the University Library: Operational navigation charts

Operational Navigation Chart ONC A1-

This series of aeronautical charts, published by the United States Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center, covers the Earth, except Antarctica, at a scale of 1:1,000,000 in 270 sheets. The charts provide topographic data, as well as detailed aeronautical information. Towns, villages, pipelines, roads, railroads and similar cultural information are also indicated.

These charts are particularly important for those parts of the world which are otherwise poorly covered, or where the government is secretive. For much of Asia and Africa, they are the most accurate and most detailed maps in our collection.

Operational navigation charts are located under the call number:

An index to the set is located on the top of the map cabinet holding the series, which is divided into squares wherever there is land. Each of these squares has a letter and number assigned to it. You would use these numbers to locate the appropriate map. For example, using the index, we can determine that the chart which includes Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan is identified with the alphanumeric code F-6. Hence, the call number of the chart is:

MAP 100 gfktta 1959 F-6

Here is part of F-6, including Alma-Ata, Lake Issyk-Kul, and the mountains in the border region between Kazakhastan and Kirgizstan: