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Maps at the University Library: Find maps using USearch

Using USearch to find maps

When you first enter a search term into USearch, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the large quantity of results that you get. For example, a basic search for France maps brings up 440,686 results. This is more information than you could ever need, and includes a variety of material, such as journal articles, newspaper articles, books and images.

The columns on the left-hand side of the results screen give you different options to refine your results. Narrowing by Material Type is a good way to narrow your focus to only maps.

Clicking on Maps will eliminate any search results which aren't maps, and will cut your search results down to a more manageable number. You can continue to refine your results even further, by Topic, such as Roads or Geology; Year of publication; or even Author, if you know it. This will help you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Once you find a result, you can click on the title to see where the map is located and to note the call number. You will use the call number to find the map within its cabinet.


Clicking the title also provides more information about that specific record, including Subject Headings, Publisher, Creation Date and Format information, such as whether the map is in colour, and how big it is.


Enter in your terms and hit the "Search" button to use USearch now!