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Welcome to the Indigenous Health LibGuide

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Introduction to this LibGuide

This guide was originally suggested by Dr. Heather Exner-Pirot, Strategist for Outreach and Indigenous Engagement, College of Nursing.  The reason for this libguide is to gather all Aboriginal health-related resources in one place but not restrict it to any one health discipline.  This guide will also help faculty teaching their students about Aboriginal health find resources on this topic. 

Note to Users: Users of this guide should know that the article and thesis links provided are selective and include some examples of what is available in various databases offered by the University Library (the content provided is primarily Canadian and published since the year 2000).  Please be aware that the content may not be updated regularly and that you should search the relevant databases to find more information and more updated information.  If you need further help in searching databases, please contact your librarian.

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Contact from College of Nursing

Aboriginal Nursing Advisors

Heather Cote-Soop (Regina)

Tracy Gobeil (Prince Albert)

Trudy Unger (Saskatoon)

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