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Indigenous Health: Databases


MeSH Headings for each Database

Thank you to Vicky Duncan for her contribution to MeSH Headings 

CINAHL – Cumulated Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
Health Services, Indigenous
Indigenous Peoples
Medicine, Native American
***Native Americans (this is the term used most often)
Traditional Healers
NOTE: in both CINAHL and Medline or PubMed, the term “indigenous” refers to any group of indigenous peoples, not just those located in North America. You might want to include the heading “Canada” as well to exclude Australian indigenous peoples, for example.

Medline or PubMed
American Native Continental Ancestry Group
Health Services, Indigenous
***Indians, North American (the term used most often)
Medicine, Traditional

Indigenous Studies Portal (or iPortal): 

The iPortal is a database created, maintained and updated by the University Library, University of Saskatchewan.  It links to more than 40,000 full-text online resources, including articles, theses, e-books, book reviews, film recordings, and archival documents (such as photos, correspondence and other unpublished textual materials).  These resources include both open access and those provided by commercial vendors (i.e. non-open access or accessible to those with U Sask authentication).  Resources in this database are interdisciplinary in the field of Indigenous Studies with a strong representation of Aboriginal Health resources.  Keyword searching is encouraged, using search terms such as First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native, Indians, Native Americans, etc. with various health and pathology terminology.

CBCA Complete – Canadian Business and Current Affairs

A good source for Canadian material including newspaper articles and Aboriginal publications. Use terms such as "Native American," "Aboriginal,"  "Inuit,", "Métis," "First Nations," or "Native Peoples" combined with the subheadings “Health” or “Medical Care”.

ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source

This database covers more than 1000 leading nursing, allied health, alternative and complementary medicine and consumer health publications.  Use "Indians, North American," "Health Services, Indigenous," "American Native Continental Ancestry Group," "Aborigines," with other sub headings.