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Students with exceptionalities are an extraordinarily diverse group in comparison to the general population, and relatively few generalizations apply to all exceptional individuals. Their exceptionalities can involve sensory, physical, cognitive, emotional, or communication abilities or any combination of these. Furthermore, exceptionalities may vary greatly in cause, degree, and effect on education progress, and the effects may vary greatly depending on the individual's age, sex, and life circumstances. (6)

Exceptional learners: An introduction to special education. 2010.

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To locate resources on exceptional learners and special education consult the library catalogue.

Subject headings are slow to change and often do not reflect current or emergent terminology. For example, "mental retardation" is used in the Library Catalogue rather than "intellectual disability." Using the older term will, nonetheless, retrieve both older and current publications. A word search retrieves records containing individual terms or phrases in any of the following fields: Title, Keyword, Notes (General, Summary, and Contents), or Subject.

Relevant call number ranges for browsing our collection include:

LC3950 - LC4806.5 Exceptional children and youth. Special education
HQ773 - HQ778.7 Child development. Rearing of problem and gifted children, children with disabilities
HV888 - HV907 Protection, assistance and relief of children with disabilities
HV1551 - HV3024 Protection, assistance and relief of people with disabilities
HV4997 - HV5000 Substance abuse
HV5001 - HV5720.5 Alcoholism
HV5800 - HV5840 Drug habits, drug abuse
HV9051 - HV9230.7 Juvenile offenders
MT17 Music in special education
RC321 - RC594 Medical aspects of exceptionality. Diseases of the brain, speech and language disorders, developmental disabilities, etc.
RJ1 - RJ570 Pediatrics. Diseases and abnormalities. Abused children, brain pathology, mental disorders, children of prenatal alcohol abuse, chronically ill children and chronic diseases in children.

Searching for reference titles

To identify reference titles, search our catalogue using a topical subject heading combined with an appropriate form subdivision:

Developmental disabilities  Dictionaries
Autism in children  Encyclopedias
Dyslexia  Handbooks, manuals, etc.