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Education: Special Topics: Books


Multicultural education is associated with concepts of diversity, inclusiveness, equity and pluralism. It often comprises rights and equality issues, particularly as they relate to cultural, religious, racial, ethnic, social, linguistic and gender difference, and identity. Multicultural education programs may include human rights education, cross-cultural communication, global education, development education, environmental education, peace education and feminist pedagogy.

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Subject headings are slow to change and may not always reflect established or emergent terminology. A word search retrieves records containing individual terms or phrases in any of the following fields: Title, Keyword, Notes (General, Summary, and Contents), or Subject.

Relevant call number ranges for browsing our collection include:

BF723.A - .Z Child psychology. Special topics, A-Z, including .R.3 Race awareness
BF724.3.A - .Z Adolescent psychology. Special topics, A-Z, including .R.3 Race awareness. Ethic attitudes
BR127 - BR128 Christianity and other religions [Religious pluralism]
LB45 Educational anthropology
LC65 - LC245 Social aspects of education
→ → → LC107 - LC120.4 Religious instruction in public schools (Controversial works)
→ → → LC189 - LC214.53 Educational sociology
→ → → LC192.6 Homosexuality and education
→ → → LC196 - LC196.5 Popular education. Critical pedagogy
→ → → LC197 Feminism and education
→ → → LC201.5 - .7 Education and native language
→ → → LC212 - LC212.863 Discrimination in education
→ → → LC212.9 - .93 Sex [i.e. gender] differences in education
→ → → LC213 - LC213.3 Educational equalization. Right to education. Compensatory education
LC251 - LC951 Moral and religious education (Pedagogical works)
LC1090 - LC1091 Political education. International education, citizenship education
LC1099 - LC1099.5 Multicultural education
LC1390 - LC5163 Education of special classes of person
→ → → LC2574 - LC2576 Gays, lesbians, bisexuals
→ → → LC2629 [legacy classification number for Indians of North America -- Canada -- Education]
→ → → LC3701 - LC3740 Immigrants or ethnic and linguistic minorities. Bilingual schools, bilingual education
→ → → LC3745 - LC3747 Children of immigrants (First generation)
→ → → LC5101 - LC5143 Children in large cities. Urban education
E96 - E97.65 Indians of North America -- Education [see also legacy classification number LC2629]
GN345 - GN348 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology (Methodology)
→ → → GN345.6 Intercultural communication
GN495.4 - GN498 Societal groups. Ethnic groups
HM258 Social psychology -- Communication
HM276 Social psychology -- Liberalism. Toleration
HM671 Social justice
HM821 Equality
HM1211 Intercultural communication
HM1271 Cultural pluralism
HQ75.15 - HQ75.16 Gay and lesbian studies
HQ76.4 - HQ76.45 Homophobia. Heterosexism
HQ1180 Women's studies. Study and teaching. Research
HQ1190 Feminist theory
JF1061 Political institutions and public administration. Representation of minorities
K3242 Law. Minority rights

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Ethnic relations  Dictionaries
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