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Education: Special Topics: Topic: Land based or place based resources

Land based or place based

Conduct a subject search for place-based education in the catalog.

Another helpful subject may be "land use"

There are other books that my fall under this category. The best way to locate books on place based is to use a combination of subject headings and keywords.

Use the advance search option on top of the Catalogue page.

  1. In the first box, choose Subject.
    1. In the search area beside it, type earth sciences
  2. In the second box, leave it at Any Field.
    1. In the search area, type juvenile.
  3. Click Go.

Other subject headings to try either on their own or in combination with the keyword "juvenile" are:

  1. Landforms
  2. Bodies of Water
  3. Earth
  4. Environmental Education - Study and Teaching
  5. Environmental Education -- Activity Programs
  6. Environmentalism
  7. Ecology - Study and teaching
  8. Human Animal Relationships
  9. Human Plant Relationships
  10. Indigenous Peoples - Ecology
  11. Nature Study
  12. Nature Study -- Activity Programs
  13. Nature -- Effect of human beings on
  14. Biodiversity Conservation
  15. Experiential learning
  16. Outdoor education
  17. Outdoor life
  18. Adventure education
  19. Natural history - outdoor books
  20. Outdoor learning laboratories
  21. Outward bound schools


Keywords for land based and place based resources

When searching the catalog or a database, try these keywords in combination with subject headings or on their own:

  • Environmental learning
  • Environmental education
  • Outdoor education
  • Local to global
  • Pedagogy of place
  • Place-based curriculum
  • Education for sustainability
  • Sense of place
  • Experiential education