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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Introduction to SoTL

Introduction to SoTL

Little Stone School House, University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon SK

Little Stone School House University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

University of Saskatchewan, University Archives and Special Collections, RG 2024, Division of Media and Technology, 2006-086-1989, Little Stone School.

What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

"The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) is an approach to college and university teaching that views classrooms (and other learning spaces) as sites for inquiry, innovation, and knowledge-building.

In SoTL, you, the educator, look closely and critically at your students' learning to improve your own courses and programs.  You also go public with insights, experiences and results that colleagues can evaluate and build on.

By doing SoTL, you advance the profession of teaching in higher education by joining pedagogical conversations in and across institutions and fields"

Huber, Mary."What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning with Mary Huber" Stanford Teaching Commons.



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