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Mobile Apps for Health Sciences: JAMAevidence

Mobile-friendly view of "Quick Reference" pocket card from the Users' Guide to Medical Literature, and "Make the Diagnosis" sections from the Rotational Clinical Examinations.

Installation Instructions

Create a user name and password at JAMAevidence on your computer by clicking "My JAMAevidence" at the upper right and following the directions to create a personal profile. 

Afterwards, go to on your mobile device to see the mobile content. 

Description of JAMAevidence mobile site

Mobile-friendly view of "Quick Reference” pocket card from the Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature, and “Make the Diagnosis” sections from The Rational Clinical Examinations.

Available For

Available For: 

  • iPhone 
  • Blackberry 8300 and higher 
  • Android 
  • Palm Treo 

Other Notes

No app is available; this is simply a mobile-friendly site which, once set up, does not require a log-in to the U Sask library.