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Law Resources: The Basics: Home

The purpose of this guide is to give a short basic overview of the resources in the Law Library. What they are, where they are and why you would want to use them.

Law Library Collections

The Law Library houses the following collections:

  • The Case Law Collection
  • The Legislation Collection
  • The Reference Collection
  • The Law Journal Collection
  • The Law Book Collection

Use the navigation menu to explore and access the contents within these collections.


law library

Library Space - Reminiscing to pre-COVID days

The Main floor or 'Reading Room' features long study tables with lots of space to spread out and is accented with comfortable chairs. "The reading room is at the centre of the ground floor library space, ringed by book stacks and library support functions arranged around the perimetre. It is a soaring light-filled space, stretching more than three storeys in height and crowned by a cupola with clerestory glazing", making it a great study space for students. The Main floor has 7 computers for student use, as well as a public access computer, an Alumni computer and the group study room.

The Mezzanine features a great view of the Main floor, lots of natural light and small side alcoves perfect for privacy. It also has long study tables as well as individual study carols accented with comfy chairs.

The Basement features yellow study carols from the 1970's giving it a bright retro atmosphere. The Law Book Collection is housed here. 
University of Saskatchewan Heritage Register

Library Space - Reminiscing to pre-COVID days

The Law Library is a quiet and food-friendly space featuring spacious tables and comfortable seating. Many study spaces have natural light and are located near windows. Individual study cubicles are available on the mezzanine and basement levels, while the group study room can accommodate up to six people for collaborative work. The main floor is fully wheel-chair accessible.

All three floors have student study space, each floor with a different atmosphere.