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Law Resources: The Basics: Legislation Collection

What is it?

Legislation (also known as laws, acts or statutes) is the law made up by parliament or a legislature. It is made to create new laws or update existing ones.

"There are three different types of legislation: statutes, regulations and bylaws, all have the force of law, but each are enacted differently."

Statutes: "Are publicly debated by the federal parliament or provincial legislatures and voted upon before coming into force. Statutes state the broad principles or rules that govern our lives."

Regulations and Bylaws: "Are the details that operationalize and allow for implementation of the statute. Regulations are created by federal or provincial bodies, and Bylaws are created by municipal bodies."

"For example, a motor vehicle statute may state there will be a maximum speed limit. The regulations under that might state the actual what the actual limit is."

"Regulations and bylaws are "delegated legislation; "  the power to enact regulations is delegated by statute to a particular minister, or to cabinet or to an administrative body."

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Where is it?

In Print:
Provincial statutes and their corresponding regulations are located in rows 8 to 11, around the perimeter wall of the Main floor.

Provincial gazettes are located in the Basement of the library with the exception of the Saskatchewan Gazette which is located in row 11 on the Main floor with the Saskatchewan Statutes & Regulations.

The Canadian Federal statutes are located in row 15 on the Main floor of the library.

Federal and provincial legislation is available online via many different sources. 

How to use it

Provincial statutes & regulations 

  • Arranged alphabetically by province
  • Provincial statutes are laws made by parliament or a legislature
  • Provincial regulations are made in accordance with the statute and are for the purpose of carrying out the provisions in the statute

Provincial Gazettes 

  • Provincial Gazettes are a tool to communicate messages of provincial importance. 
  • They contains official government and public notices, orders in council and those private notices required to be published by statute

Federal Statutes
(Statutes of Canada)

  • A compilation of all the federal laws of Canada passed by the Parliament of Canada since Confederation in 1867.
  • Revisions to the federal statutes takes place every 15 to 30 years to consolidate all amendments to the statutes since the last revision.