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LGBTQ2+ Health: Home

Resources for health professionals on LGBTQ2+ Health

Using this Guide

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This guide compiles useful resources for health professionals on the topic of LGBTQ2+ Health and includes information on the following issues: 

  • Basics of LGBTQ2+ Health: This section covers basic terminology necessary for creating an inclusive health experience for this population. It also covers some of the known barriers to healthcare and common health issues. 
  • Guidelines for Clinicians 
  • Accessing LGBTQ2+ Health Research: It can be difficult to search for research articles that address this population. This section provides some search filters for research in popular biomedical databases like PubMed and MEDLINE. 
  • Statistics 
  • Journals and Articles: Lists of well regarded journals on the topic of LGBTQ2+ Health and a list of current articles on the topic. 
  • Books from the Library
  • LGBTQ2+ Health Organizations: These can be a good source of information during grey literature searching.
  • Two-Spirit People
  • Archival Materials from the U of S