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One Health: Home

This guide is a resource for all those interested in One Health - the global movement to better understand the interactions between animal health, human health, and ecosystem health.

One Health Overview

In 2011 One Health  was identified as one of six Signature Research Areas at the University of Saskatchewan. Each Area is an 'outstanding achievement enabled by our research capacity, investments, history and sense of place.'

One Health has been defined as "strategy to better understand and address the contemporary health issues created by the convergence of human, animal, and environmental domains ..." (American Veterinary Medical Association, Exe. Summary).

Although not a new concept (in the past it was also known as One Medicine), One Health is a relatively new worldwide strategy that draws upon collaboration from veterinary medicine, human medicine, public health, environmental health, wildlife health, and agriculture) to better understand the human-animal-environment interface.

One Health Topics in the News


This guide was revised by T. Nidhi as part of a work place experience for INTS380 (Internship in Librarianship and Information Studies), Winter term 2022.

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