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Indigenous Art in the Library: Allen Sapp

Allen Sapp

Photo retrieved from Allen Sapp Gallery: The Gonor Collection website

Allen Sapp was born in the winter of 1928 on the Red Pheasant Reserve in north central Saskatchewan. He was a weak and sickly child born to a mother who herself had to fight for her life and who eventually died of tuberculosis. Allen was raised and cared for by Maggie Soonias, his grandmother. The memory of this tender relationship has spawned in Sapp some of his finest and most sensitive works, bringing to his canvas a sense of affection and love rarely communicated or seen in the twentieth century art world1. Allen Sapp passed away in December of 2015.

"The pieces Time to Hitch the Horses" and "Waiting for the Water to Boil" are located in the Student Learning Services office in the Murray Library