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Indigenous Art in the Library: Sarain Stump

Sarain Stump

Photo retrieved from Sardunyalar website

(1945-1974) Stump was a Cree-Shoshone artist born in Wyoming on the Shoshone Reservation. He moved to Canada in 1964 and worked as a rancher in Alberta. By 1972, the self-taught artist had become the art director of the Indian Art program at the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College in Saskatoon. His drawings, paintings and other artistic works aim to educate people in indigenous history and culture. His work has been on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and in cities across Canada and the United States.1 

The pieces "Horses had been Stumbling Rolling to the Ground, the Day She had been Killed" and "Old Man Coyote" are located in the University Archives and Special Collections (in the Murray Library)