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Indigenous Art in the Library: Jerry Whitehead

Jerry Whitehead

Photo retrieved from Jerry Whitehead website

Born on February 24, 1957 in Kinistino Saskatchewan, Whitehead is from the Cree Nation and a member of the James Smith band. He took an interest in drawing very early in life, and has always been attracted to the use of very bright colours in his art. Initially doing drawings in pencil and lead, he moved on to experiment with paint in his teen years. Jerry received his BA from the University of Regina, and his BFA from the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. Over the years, Jerry Whitehead's artwork has gone through a number of stages. The one thing that has remained constant throughout this progression is his focus on powwows, powwow dancers and family.1 

The pieces "Forever in Blue Jeans" and "Our Ancestors are Teachers" are located in the Education and Music Library