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Study Skills & Learning Strategies: Motivation & Goal Setting

Take Inventory of your Motivation and Goal-Setting Strategies

Did you know 'Digital distractions' are the primary reason students report procrastinating or feeling unmotivated about completing their coursework. In this section on motivation and goal setting, think about all the learning strategies you use -- strategies that help you effectively manage your time, plan your assignments, read and write, study for exams, collaborate with your peers, and so on. Having a variety of learning strategies in your toolkit along with the ability to set clear goals can help you stay motivated and maintain forward momentum.


Reflect on how well your learning strategies help you accomplish tasks.


Complete this procrastination test to determine the types of SMART goals you should set. Then, using the links below, explore ways to curb your distractions and improve your motivation.

Procrastination Test

Personalize/Plan Your Approach
Think about the goal setting and motivation strategies you use. Do they enhance, extend and empower your learning? Explore the resource links below and adopt strategies that you can easily apply and adapt to suit your learning needs.

Strategies that enhance your ability to set goals, curb your distractions and stay motivated Strategies that extend you ability to accomplish your goals and avoid procrastination Strategies that help you exercise resilience while remaining motivated and engaged


Motivational Strategies

Managing Distractions


How to Set SMART Goals (4:08) 

How to Fix Procrastination in 3 Easy Steps (0:59)


Goals and Priorities (Book Chapter)
Use Keyboard Shortcut Cmd+F or Ctl+F for:

  • SMART Goals
  • Stick With It
  • Prioritisation (attempt activity)


The Pomodoro Method of Time Management to effectively manage your time.

Strategies for Overcoming Common Time Wasters

How to Manage Digital Distractions

Making an Anti-Procrastination Plan


A psychologist & student's point of view

7 Actionable Steps to Cure Procrastination (8:52)


7 Ways to Stay Motivated While Learning

The Ultimate Guide to Motivation: How to Achieve any Goal

Using a reflective approach to set effective goals

Watch Collection of Videos

Maintaining a Growth Mindset (3:29)

Tales of Resilience (3:57)

Don't Expect to Be Perfect (2:30)

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Your Task

Choose goal-setting strategies that enhance your ability to manage distractions and remain motivated

Reflect on your goal-setting strategies to extend your learner agency, and learning effectiveness