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Learning with Technology Toolkit: Being Digitally Literate

What does it mean to be digitally literate?

So you know how to surf the net, create a Tik Tok, Snapchat with friends, tweet your favourite quote, and share your pics on Instagram. Does this mean you are digitally literate?

According to UNICEF: "Digital literacy goes beyond technical know-how. It refers to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow [you] to be both safe and empowered in an increasingly digital world".

How safe or empowered do you feel when using technology? Do your digital literacy skills go beyond technical know-how?

This interactive survey will help you assess how digitally literate you are.
Choose 'Learner' as your primary role when the page opens.

Digital Skills Questionnaire

Questionnaire by, a collaboration between Dell and ISTE.

Are you digitally literate?

How did you do on the Digital Skills Questionnaire above? Digital Skills for a Global Society is an initiative that lists six key digital literacy skills. As you explore the resources in this guide, think about developing your ability to

  • Locate content that is relevant and reliable
  • Evaluate sources for accuracy and bias
  • Interpret Information from multiple perspectives
  • Safely communicate and collaborate with others online
  • Express your ideas through multiple forms of digital media
  • Track your digital footprint and be aware of its impact on your privacy

By using the resources in this toolkit, you should be able to create and consume digital information safely and responsibly and know when, why, and how to use these digital tools.

 Essential Tools | Content Creation Tools | Searching Tools | Referencing Tools
 Collaboration Tools | Self-Assessment Tools | Assistive Technologies
What is Digital Literacy?

What is Digital Literacy? by Adobe for Education

Evaluating Digital Information

Online Verification Skills Introductory Video by CNTL-F

Additional Resources

Developing Your Digital Skills modules by ISTE

The Digital Citizenship Hub by College Libraries Ontario

Digital Media Literacy on

The Digital Skills for a Global Society initiative is a collaboration between Dell and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), providing an interactive website for teachers, students, parents and caregivers.