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Learning with Technology Toolkit: Referencing

Reference Management Tools

Do you have trouble keeping track of the sources you use, managing your in-text citations, or retrieving reference information?

Do your reference lists take more time to compile than writing the essay itself?

A reference manager can save you time by helping you cite while you write, organize your sources, and create reference lists/bibliographies in a click or two. To learn more, watch Reference Management Tools.

Develop your referencing skills by choosing from the tools below

Technologies that enhance your ability to keep an accurate record of your references and cite while you write Tools/Strategies that extend your ability to generate accurate citations and reference lists Strategies that help you evaluate and complete your work with academic honesty and integrity

Zotero allows you to save, organize, and cite all of your references. You can add a plug-in to your browser to easily save the resources you use.

Mendeley can help you organize your references and collaborate with others online using group folders. Both a web-based and free desktop version is available. Use the Mendeley Cite Word plugin to cite while you write.

EndNote basic allows you to organize references into folders, create reference lists in a variety of citation styles and cite while you write.

Support Level: Library Supported

Use an Online Citation Generator

Visit the Citation Style Guide to understand commonly used citation styles like

Open Licenses


Academic Integrity Matters

The Academic Integrity Tutorial

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research

Why Cite Sources: Academic Honesty & Plagiarism

Quoting and Paraphrasing - Avoiding Plagiarism


Intro to Reference Managers

Reference Management Tools by FX Plus Library

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