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Learning with Technology Toolkit: Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Tools

Do you use Google Drive or iCloud to back up your device or store your files?

Have you shared a document with other members of your group and then edited it together at the same time?

Using a cloud storage solution can help protect your work and make it easier to collaborate with others in real time. Storing your files in the 'cloud' means they are stored on an external server, making it possible to share them with others and access them at any time and from any device. For a more detailed definition of cloud storage, watch What is the Cloud?

Campus Supported Cloud Storage Tool How-To Additional Learning Opportunities



How to claim your USask OneDrive account
Self Supported Tools How-To Additional Learning Opportunities
Google Drive is Google's free cloud storage service that allows you to store your files and access them from anywhere and on any device. How to Use Google Drive
iCloud Drive for Mac users. Owning a Mac device gives users 5 GB of free iCloud storage where you can securely save and/or share your files, photos and videos. iCloud Tutorial

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